Coin News, Charts and Timelines

Ah, another Bitcoin-related project, even though there have been more than 10,000 projects involving Bitcoin in Github since March, which by itself is a giant milestone in Bitcoin history (now this number has become 15,000).

As I am typing, I am eying the constantly climbing Bitcoin price, which is so very close to 10,000.

Ten thousand is a magic number, it marks an impossible psychological barrier. Everything is growing mad with anything Bitcoin related, more cryptocurrencies, projects, developers, investors, exchanges, nations and states.

Anyway, I created and will continue to grow my project: coin-news-n-charts. Why not?

I started with three goals in mind: a) a good collection of news headlines, where I can easily have the cryptocurrency news wave at a glance; b) up to date financial charts with candlesticks and my choices of technical indicators. Nah, I do not want to go to to scour MCAD and trends to buy or sell; c) Google trend and price correlation (suggested by a friend). Yup. Got it!

So after some work (firing up a node js application to run auto data and news collector that: a. collect data from; b. collect news from various cryptocurrency news sources and digest information bits from the very noisy and opinionated reddit; setting up a vue js application. Charts are using highcharts). I now have the following:

  1. The charts

Financial charts of the top 10 cryptocurrencies

Financial Chart with SMA, MACD and Ichimoku technical indicators

2. Google trend, regional interests

Bitcoin Google Trend and Price

3. News headlines

News headlines from various news sources such as Coin Desk

Bitcoin makes compelling stories, no other technologies have seemed to have died so many times yet always rebound. I want to learn the story of Bitcoin, so I added timelines for Bitcoin. I planned to add timelines to other alt-coins at a later time.

Bitcoin Timeline

What is next?

The more I dive in the world of Bitcoin, the more I want to learn, the more I want to add more to my applications. (Eventually I want to try out a blockchain project) Now I want to dip into the twitter landscape to check out the Bitcoin personalities and organizations and map out the networks.

Why not?

I am hooked.

Love to learn

Love to learn