Learning GatsbyJS: Part II

I had intended to continue with my learning on Sunday. Instead, Sunday came and blurred into Monday. Monday was a holiday, no obligation at work. Still I worked slowly, googling frequently, reading bits and pieces, in bursts and stops.


My reading was mostly concerned with GraphQL, the what, when, why, who, and how.

Like React, GraphQL is the brain child of Facebook. Like React, its conception, perfection, and growth directly correlated with the rise and dominance and ever-increasing prevalence of smartphones. Facebook’s quest for a mobile-first user experience fueled the growth of many technological innovations (We are owned by mobiles).

A little attempt to learn to build a simple web app using GatsbyJS

A little background

Six or seven years I was building web applications using Ext Js (what is that? Ask me now, I‘ll blink and blank out. I no longer know. One more thing lost in memory, impossible to retrieve). Three or four years ago I was happily coding with Angular Js, the abandoned sibling of the now much grander, imposing, and vastly different Angular 2 (or simply Angular), the alpha. In 2019, I plunged into the world of Vue Js, loved its power, elegance, low entry barrier, and modernity. I still love it (but I’m a little apprehensive of its latest and greatest…

It is 2020. It is the year of pandemic. The highest drama and the saddest comedy in which is a president stricken with coronavirus. Now on the heels of a summer of unrest, flood, fire and alarming death toll, it is fall. The feeling of a doomed world lingers.

Well, in this environment, it is easier to be a robot or build a robot. A robot abides rules.

For a RPA bot, everything has to be taught, step by step, chained by logic, bound by reality, programmed in minute details.

Robots have been taught to do a lot of things…

The path of digitalization is littered with legacy applications, outdated data, antiquated formats, age-old documents that cannot be readily consumed, but must be preserved, transformed, digitalized and made ready for the eventual consumption of the newer, more powerful applications.

Along comes RPA (Robotic Process Automation). While physical robots have been ubiquitous in manufacturing, virtual robots have just started making a splash. In the past years, RPA has been deployed in various industries such as banking, finance, health care, human resources, and retails. The trend is growing, and a few industry leaders have emerged. Among them is UiPath.

UiPath has spared…

A little personal context

This is my renewed self-torturing attempt at learning machine learning. A couple of months ago, I earned a Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree from the online nanodegree factory udacity. Nano probably denotes that it is infinitesimally small and insignificant.

Not sure.

Money-wise, it is about 1000 dollars; effort-wise, I put in significant work in 6 months. I sometimes had my CPU work overtime and run full capacity; I had had some great satisfaction to see that my own learning projects bear fruits: identify dog breeds, classify pneumonia, enable a virtual quadcopter hover at about 10 pixels above…

Image Source: ttps://buyabitcoin.com.au/blog/

Today, November 28, 2017, bitcoin hit $10,000 for the first time. I feel I can hear collective cheers all around the world, except, maybe, in China.

Yeah, at this particular moment, it is all mum in China bitcoin-wise. However, only a few months ago, China dominated the bitcoin stage in trading volumes, China had the largest exchanges. Currently Chinese mining pools still control more than 70% of the bitcoin network’s hashrate.

It probably started with the LuShan earthquake.

The LuShan earthquake

In 2013, LuShan county in the south west of China province was hit by a 6.6-magnitude earth quake. Chinese citizens were wise…

Ah, another Bitcoin-related project, even though there have been more than 10,000 projects involving Bitcoin in Github since March, which by itself is a giant milestone in Bitcoin history (now this number has become 15,000).

As I am typing, I am eying the constantly climbing Bitcoin price, which is so very close to 10,000.

Ten thousand is a magic number, it marks an impossible psychological barrier. Everything is growing mad with anything Bitcoin related, more cryptocurrencies, projects, developers, investors, exchanges, nations and states.

Anyway, I created and will continue to grow my project: coin-news-n-charts. Why not?

I started with three…

Today’s read: Our entire team of engineers use this front end development guide, then chained to A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue; then read that funny / sad / sarcastic / true article: How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 for a third time.

I did not get much out of the big read of the very authoritative Our entire team of engineers use this front end development guide, other than the feeling of: again, The tide has turned, I am out of date.

I switched to Angular js 1.x about 2 years ago through a job change…

Xun Ding

Love to learn

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